April Newsletter Update

May 4, 2023

Technical Update

While the UNSW Redback Racing team prepares to start the manufacturing of RB23, here’s a look-back at how the team has been racking up success throughout the month of April. To ensure an refined flow of design, the team underwent four design reviews — two internal and two external. For our Internal Design Review (IDR), our tech team discussed the car’s in-progress CAD and schematics, supplying feedback and running a keen eye over the entire RB23 design. The feedback we acquired from our IDR was then introduced to alumni in our External Design Review (EDR) for further development and review of ideas. We would like to thank our alumni for attending and giving their critical feedback and valuable guidance!

As we near the end of our design period, our primary focus has been on frame jigging which the Design Futures Lab Makerspace here at UNSW has helped us with by generously providing jigging resources for RB23's space frame. Our chassis department has determined the optimal process to weld the frame’s various components together. They are currently assessing the best technique to jig the frame with minimal warping. This guarantees precision for critical parts such as the rear bulkhead - which attaches the motor and differential as well as the suspension points.

Our Aerodynamics members have started developing the aerodynamics package for RB23. This year’s kit features a high downforce design made from carbon, glass and basalt fibre composites, and will be Redback’s first full aerodynamics kit since 2018 - exciting! The next task is to develop tool pathways for the moulds. Over the next coming weeks, they will be machined and prepared, ready for manufacturing at Quickstep Sydney over the T1 holiday break. High-quality moulds are critical to reducing complexity and achieving an exceptional surface finish. We are incredibly excited to see this come to life!

Redback Recruits

We would like to celebrate the onboarding of our 40+ new members across both our Technical and Business branches. As a team we are proud to offer a collaborative learning environment that enables students from varied disciplines to come together and apply themselves toward a common objective. We strive to build a culture of empowerment, and equip students with knowledge and skills from beyond the classroom.

We are very excited to welcome our new members to the team, and know they will be a great asset to ensuring a competitive year ahead.

Member of the month

Name: Kaili Xue

Role: Chassis Engineer

For April’s Newsletter we’d like to introduce you to Kaili Xue! Kaili is currently a PhD student in Material Science and Engineering and one of our Chassis team members. She first joined UNSW Redback Racing in Term 1 of 2022 as a frame engineer and most recently was the sole designer of the frame for RB23, our 2023 challenger. The chassis is an integral part of the car as it houses most systems and provides essential protection to the driver in dynamic running.

Sponsor of the month

This month we have chosen to spotlight The Regent Kingsford for their ongoing support for our team. The Regent is a live sports venue near UNSW and a popular social spot amongst current Redback Racing members and alumni.

As a sponsor, their services assist in fostering relationships that extend beyond the project. In helping host many of our social events, they promote in-person communication across the entire team which helps to build a healthier team culture. Additionally, this opportunity welcomes alumni and sponsors to interact with the current team and enables us to increase visibility within the industry.

We thank The Regent Hotel for their partnership with Redback Racing so if you’re ever in the area, make sure to check them out for a hearty meal and a good time!