UNSW Redback Racing is a team of 150 dedicated students in engineering, science, business and media, collaborating to design, build and race UNSW’s first high performance all-electric formula racecar. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to develop practical skills beyond the classroom and become part of the next generation of EV motorsport.

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Behind the scenes of Redback

The Process

Our student team is developing the future of high-performance electric motorsport vehicles.


The first stage in production of our race vehicles incorporates a range of research and design decisions in deciding the finalised shape and structure of our vehicles. This requires our departments to analyse previous cars, reflect on improvements and iterate upon their designs to produce newer, safer and a better performing vehicle.


The second stage of our car cycle has the team manufacturing the components of our car. This involves training our members on various machining equipment, hands-on manufacturing and final vehicle assembly to get the car drive-ready.


After having manufactured and assembled our car, we then proceed to testing and validation. This involves testing the car on track as well as testing specific components against race-like conditions. Results from this stage of our development would then be used to inform our future design's and car set-ups.


Each year we compete at the Formula SAE-Australasia competition, against various domestic and international universities. This involves both dynamic events that showcase the performance capabilities of our car, and various static events that assess the cost and design decisions of our vehicle, and our business capabilities as a team. At the end of this stage, we review on all the feedback and data obtained in the next Design phase of our new vehicle


Interested in becoming part of the Redback Racing team? Recruitment is held during Term 1 and Term 3 of the UNSW academic calendar. Keep updated with our social network below or contact us if you have any questions!

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Support Us

We are always looking to create new partnerships that provide the resources to fuel our learning beyond the classroom. If you would like to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.