Equipping students with knowledge and skills from beyond the classroom.

What is



Redback Racing is a student project from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. We strive to open doors and educate students from all disciplines and drive them to take their theoretical knowledge in engineering design and analysis, and business operations to apply it to the real world in the Formula SAE-A Competition.

At Redback Racing, we champion team spirit, encourage collaborative relationships, and promote a culture of inclusiveness to learn and grow together. We take pride in the team’s commitment to the pursuit of engineering excellence as they take on the challenge of bringing their work to life.



Personal Growth

We provide an environment for our members to improve and develop on in-demand qualities by encouraging a culture involving constructive criticism and feedback with effective communication.

Team Spirit

Being a part of a large project and working towards a common goal allows our team to continuously develop and maintain a strong communal bond. We are proud of the work we produce as a team.


The nature of the project often requires members to work under high-pressure time-sensitive scenarios, ultimately accelerating the development of critical problem-solving abilities.


Our members devote time and effort to see their creation come to life. We encourage them to take ownership of their goals and achievements while maintaining a healthy work-lifestyle balance.



Formula SAE-Australasia

Formula SAE (FSAE) is an international student engineering design competition organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers. It provides students with the opportunity to enhance their engineering design and project management skills to prepare them for a career in industries of the future. 

Redback Racing designs, manufactures, tests and races a formula-style race car annually in the Formula SAE-Australasia competition in December. Open to teams across Australia and the globe, the competition is composed of both static and dynamic events that see teams come to compete from Oceania, Asia, Europe and the Americas.


FS-Sydney is a locally run competition in January that allows Australian student teams another valuable opportunity to compete with their vehicles in a formal engineering design competition. Like FSAE, it features both static and dynamic events that tests each teams' knowledge on engineering design and business fundamentals, whilst testing their vehicles' performance capabilities on track.